Oliver got a big kiss from his favorite animal

Oliver was very much excited during the days before. He had been wondering about the tricks the trainers would show to him, how he would be acting as the trainer of the sea lions. The day-trip started with a very special guest, Stephen the Penguin, arriving at our house. Oliver and the Penguin became friends and during the whole wish Oliver was paying attention to his whereabouts, he didn't want to lose him.

Thanks to Marco the driver we made our way to and back from the zoo smoothly. Oliver liked the van he was driving: for the next few days Oliver was asking if we could trade-in our car for that one. We were welcomed very nicely at the zoo. There was a personal welcome message at the entrance and Benjamin and his crew took good care of us.

We watched both sea lion shows. After the second show the moment came when Oliver met the trainers and the sea lions. He had the whole sea lion arena to himself. He met Luis Gonzalez, the sea-lion trainer he was mimicking at home for years. This made him already very happy, but then when a sea lion came on stage. Oliver's happiness went through to the roof, finally he had a chance to touch it. Both trainers, Luis Gonzales and Gonzalo, made an excellent job. Oliver got a thousand kisses from the sea-lions and that made him laugh a lot. Not for a second was he afraid. The trainers explained to him the signals they use to communicate with them and Oliver had a chance to try these out. Oliver is even applying them now to us :-).

Every wish of his about the tricks he wanted to see were fulfilled. Both trainers and the four sea-lions did their very best and exceeded his expectations by far. Oliver got the chance to feed the sea lions. This was also a very special case, the trainers made an exception since the sea-lions are never fed in their "bedroom".

Saying good-bye was a difficult one, Oliver was even considering the option to stay in the zoo.


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