Jolan gets his Zen room

When he got back from school, Jolan was surprised to find the door to his room decorated with balloons and a big blue ribbon.   A wide smile lit up his face.
With great excitement, Jolan cut the ribbon to discover his new room.  He was delighted to find that it was even better than he had imagined and that all the elements that made it “zen” were just perfect !

Once he was in his room, Jolan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry with happiness, but his eyes were sparkling and shone with delight.

Following a grand tour of each item in his new room, Make-A-Wish organised a joyful party with all the family, and especially with Jolan’s favourite cakes.

With heartfelt thanks to Agnès from AC Design, Interior architect, and Flavien from Living Création d’Intérieur Sols & Stores for their kindness and creativity, as well as to Sébastien and Magali from Fly for their generous support.  A warm thank you also to Cédric, our painter.


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Make-a-Wish Switzerland grants the most heartfelt wishes of children living with a serious medical condition to give them Hope, Strength and Joy.