Giuseppe learns the secrets of watchmaking

Giuseppe loves watches, and especially loves how they work.  His wildest dream was to meet someone he really admires in the field: Nick Hayek!

His dream has now come true, as he was invited to visit Swatch.  Mr Hayek himself welcomed the young man and his family to the factory. 

Giuseppe’s favourite dish, lasagne, had even been prepared by the cooks for lunch !  During the meal, Mr Hayek kindly answered all his questions. They all had a great time chatting away.

In the afternoon, a big surprise awaited Giuseppe: he got to try out as a watchmaker! Nick Hayek had given him a work smock with his name embroidered on it, with a magnifying glass that was also engraved.  Listening carefully to the instructions, and very focused, Giuseppe put together a watch movement.  It was an unforgettable moment.

Our sincere thanks to Nick Hayek, as well as to all the people at Swatch.  Thanks also to our two volunteers, Désirée and Susanna


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