Diego spends a memorable holiday by the sea

Diego, aged 10, had a big dream: to go to the sea, to be warm and to play on the beach. Make-A-Wish made his dream come true and one fine day, Diego and his 3 brothers, little sister, mum and dad flew south to sunny Spain for a magical time by the sea. Met at the airport by friends of Make-A-Wish, the family was taken to a lovely family apart-hotel with swimming pool close to the beach.

It wasn't long before Diego arrived at the beach he immediately ran to jump in the sea with his siblings. He was so delighted to feel the warmth of the sun and the sand between his toes. Happy days followed building castles, visiting the sights, eating different food and just enjoying being a family together. Diego enjoyed every second of his wish and his eyes shone with happiness every day!



"Dear Anne, dear Make-A-Wish team,

The days spent in Spain will certainly remain unforgettable for our family. Diego enjoyed his wish tremendously and so did the family.

The flight itself was already a great experience. A very warm welcome was offered when we landed and we could hardly believe, it was just for us. The sea, the beach, our flats, the nice little town and the visit to the big was all so great and we say THANK YOU with all our hearts.

It is wonderful, that there are people caring and focusing particularly on children.

Warmest regards,"

Diego's family

Thank you to Chronoswiss for helping us making Diego's wish come true!


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