Andrea the cheesemaker

Andrea's mum told us "I have never seen my little boy as happy as this in all his life." 

Andrea loves cheese fondue and so very naturally his wish was to become a cheesemaker and learn all the secrets of making the perfect "Gruyère" cheese.  Andrea's wish started with a lovely evening staying in a farmer's chalet and waking up to a busy day starting with milking the cows then on to feed the baby calves. Carrying 4 litre buckets to the calves was no mean feat! The great moment arrived when Andrea got to meet the Cheesemaker. Our enthusiastic young chap helped blend the cheese in the cauldron and a few stages later was putting his name onto his cheese. The next very important part of Andrea's wish was to deliver the cheese to the cellar for maturation. Andrea will have to wait 6 months for his cheese to mature and he just can't wait to share his very own cheese fondue with his friends and family.



He kept on running towards me all weekend, hugging me tight with a big grin on his face. I’ve honestly never seen him happier...and as a mother, this is priceless!

Andrea was made to feel so important, a real hero.

It’s hard to express all my emotions and our gratitude as Andrea’s illness is a journey that mines the very foundations of a family, and we are still trying to cope with reality.

What I want to say is that you make this journey easier and you give people hope. You didn’t only grant my son a wish, you gave us love. All the people involved did.  And this is something that no money in the world can buy.

Thank you a million times over, you made us all extremely happy.

The Make-A-Wish balloons are still hanging in his room and he looks at the photos we took over and over, whilst showing everyone his book.


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